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About Us

Our Story

Our story began in 2012, back then we were a BYOD mobile app service company for small businesses with a team size of 3 peoples.

We introduced in the field of IoT in the year 2015. Since then, we have actively involved developing prototypes of various industrial connected devices and application.

We have set our market benchmark in the year 2018 with our first commercials ready product Smart Storage system, which is a super success and widely accepted until today and actively used by companies like TCS.

Today we are a growing team of 15 peoples, with ten plus exceptional IP products

At this current situation, Claiming more than 400,000 lives all over the world, COVID-19 is the biggest pandemic our generation has ever witnessed. At EEGRAB, we understand how the entire world is facing a crisis right now, and so, we have come up with some unique products to make the world a safer place. We present to you DetecV, DetecV Edge and DetecV FR – smart gateway attachments with temperature sensors, facilities like a mask and social distancing detection, auto attendance marking and touchless sanitation to cater the needs of different clientele. DetecV can help thousands of business stakeholders to safely convene their business, along with keeping public safety in close scrutiny.

Why we are different

We are a team of enthusiastic, young, fun-loving, and technology savvy people guided and inspired by our vision of creating a safer and better workplace for the organized workforce and safety, security and monitoring of equipment they used. We live in Oneness. The only aim for our people, partners and peers are to remain inclusive in everything we do, avoid conflicts at all cost, Equanimity, and we understand that nothing else brings joy more than creativity and innovation. We continuously endeavour to bring joy in every relationship we make. Expertise in Embedded engineering, Mechanical design is our baseline. With the help of deep learning, data engineering and enterprise mobility, we bring our product to live.

We have in house expertise of PCB and VLSI designer. Unlike others, all our products are designed and assembled in house, that feel us proud of making products designed and developed in India. Vast knowledge of end to end product development is our most significant strength to offer a customized product to our client.

Super Efficient

Deeply Commited

Highly Skilled

Made In India

Sanchaita Chakraborty

Designer | Backend Developer

Rohan Sharma

Embedded Developer

Pritam Samanta

Electronics Engg

Kuntal Chakraborty

Client service