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DeteCV edge

Why DeteCV-Edge

DeteCV Edge offers a fool-proof video analytics system, which is fully scalable and customisable for our clients. The system uses all the available hardware that are already pre-installed inside the shop area and proposes suitable new hardware components, which might be needed later.public areas.

The video analytics system uses IP / analogue cameras of reputable brands and sends a live feed of the floor to an edge computing device. An edge computing device performs all the analytics in the physical device itself and does not send the data to any cloud server for processing. It is equipped to perform within a very short response time. In this way, data storage and processing is more secure as it is stored locally all the time and does not involve any data transmission, which are prone to cyber-attacks. The computing device uses state-of-the-art hardware such that a stable FPS is obtained while the processing is carried on real time.

How DeteCV-Edge work

Its work in 3 simple Steps


Use IP / analogue cameras to monitor the floor population such that it does not exceed a set limit.


Analyse real time video feed to find anomalies in queues, and if people are following social distancing norms and also send alerts to the dashboard


Detect regional hotspots, where people are gathering, and sound an alarm or send an alert to the owner to help disperse the crowd.


  • Real time video analytics system to efficiently monitor floor population.
  • State-of-the-art edge computing device.
  • Connect with analogue / IP cameras
  • Vast NVR support list
  • Secure connections with 3rd party systems
  • Support up to 32 cameras
  • XEON processor with 8X VPU
  • Smart utilization of current network infrastructure
  • Cloud-Enabled (Optional)

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