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Why DeteCV

DetecV This intelligent temperature detector is the answer to some of the problems plaguing the world at present. Equipped with a high-precision infrared temperature sensor, DetectBee can be used as a metal counterpart and installed along with entry gateways to office spaces, malls, hospitals and other public areas.

How DeteCV work

Its work in 3 simple Steps


A person walks through the pre-installed gate, with DetecV attached.


DetecV measures his or her body temperature.


DetecV flashes a green glow if temperature is within safe range, and a red glow otherwise.


  • IR Temperature Sensor
  • LCD Display
  • Customizable Alarm System
  • Resettable threshold temperatures
  • Secure connections with existing systems
  • Smart utilization of current network infrastructure
  • Cloud-Enabled (Optional)

Our Other Products related to COVID-19

DeteCV Edge

A fool-proof video analytics system, which adheres to all social distancing measures like restricting the number of people inside a store and raising alerts for queue build-ups in front of counters among others.


A smart camera with an in-built temperature measurement feature, which can be installed onto turnstiles and entry gateways.

DeteCV B

A BLE-enabled wearable for employee tracking to monitor their movement and other access-related restrictions, along with effectively maintaining social distancing norms, the need of the hour.