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Why DeteCV-FR

Almost all public areas nowadays are equipped with entry gateways with restricted access          rules enforced. A complete solution to single out people who may have been infected by coronavirus from entry gateways is already in place, our newest offing, DetecV. Other than DetecV, EEGRAB also provides smart cameras with temperature sensors attached, which can be used alongside pre-installed entry gateways or turnstiles. This system functions as an access control system while simultaneously checking for symptoms of COVID-19 and verifies if a person is wearing a mask.

How DeteCV-FR

Its work in 3 simple Steps


The system allows employees or workers to enter a building only if the body temperature check is successful.


Analyse real time video feed to verify if a person is wearing a mask.


Marks the attendance for that employee, using advanced facial recognition algorithms and allow person to enter premises. Detecv FR can be used alongside pre-installed entry gateways or turnstiles.


  • 2MP Sony or Hikvision camera sensor to take pictures of people entering.
  • An efficient temperature sensor to measure body temperatures of the employees, with a range of 1 to 2 metres.
  • Alarms and alerts if any person is found with a high body temperature.
  • Facial recognition of employees to automatically record daily attendance.
  • Real time mask detection
  • Ability to replace turnstiles or entry gateways (which are run with the help of RFID tags), with the added advantage of keeping COVID-19 measures in check.
  • 3rd party system connect
  • Cloud enabled (Optional)

Our Other Products related to COVID-19

DeteCV Edge

A fool-proof video analytics system, which adheres to all social distancing measures like restricting the number of people inside a store and raising alerts for queue build-ups in front of counters among others.


An intelligent entry gateway probe, equipped with a high-precision infrared temperature sensor.

DeteCV B

A BLE-enabled wearable for employee tracking to monitor their movement and other access-related restrictions, along with effectively maintaining social distancing norms, the need of the hour.